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ShareAt is a project that provides real-time payment based curation service. Merchants get useful marketing solution and users get rewards and accurate Info.

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Our core

ShareAt App

ShareAt is an application that uses real-time payment data. Users can receive information from nearby stores in real time and provide simple payment services in conjunction with store POS devices.

  • Real-time recommendations for nearby stores
  • Simple Payment System
  • Provide solutions for store through data analysis
  • Pure review system without advertising
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Get Rewards

Share Your Data, and
Get Rewards

Share your payment data to the merchant. The more data you share, the more rewards you get.


Various Report, Valuable Relationship

Store management solution

ShareAt has its database for recording payment information, which can be used to understand the real-time sales and inventory status of merchants. Combining traffic data of the region with existing sales trends, etc., it is also possible to predict the future sales trend of the restaurant and the specific menu.


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Mission of


The mission is to restore the core value of the business by establishing a fair curation environment with real-time payment data and an integrated review system. In addition, by broadly guaranteeing users' right to informational self-determination data, we intend to reorganize the data industry into a more distributed governing structure.

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About XAT

XAT Economy

In the ShareAt ecosystem, users can acquire ShareAt tokens as rewards for payment, data provision, review, event participation, etc., or through exchanges between cryptocurrency exchanges and individuals.

Merchants can purchase tokens at ShareAt app once they register as a new affiliate, and can acquire tokens through cryptocurrency exchanges and other methods.

Third-Party participants can acquire tokens through exchanges and other methods.

We intend to focus on connecting the token acquisition and usage flow of participants more naturally. In other words, by matching token demand with service demand, it was designed to strengthen the token economy of business growth or vice versa.

ShareAt Blockchain Chracteristics

Our plan




Mark SUN

ShareAt / CEO

Novartis / Marketing Manager

Interpro / Founder

Hyundai capital system improvement project

K-Social insurance system maintenance project

Hanyang Univ. BS

Ryan LEE

ShareAt / CTO

Methinks technology / KR Dev. Manager

Eyedentity Games / Head of DN studio

Ragtime / Co-founder

Aiden YI

ShareAt / COO

Innochem / Global Marketing Manager

CHF / Global Sales Manager

TDSB / Leadership & Virtual School Development

HeTI / Software Development

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